Anne Allman

Guitarist - Drummer

Wilmington Island, GA
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Pepper's Porch - Bluffton, SC
Anne Allman Trio in Johnson Square - Savannah, Ga.
Happiness is a new guitar!
My first love - the drum set. These drums were brought down from Chicago.  1966 Slingerland set made in Niles, IL
Couldn't be happier - playing drums in the David Duckworth Trio.
Annie  with The David Duckworth Trio.
My prized D'Angelico New Yorker
Playing my Benedetto Bravo Deluxe.  If this guitar were a car it would have 100,000 miles on it!

This was taken at the Pawley Island Jazz Festival in South Carolina in 2009.
With my friend, David, at Annie's Guitars & Drums in Midtown - circa  2007.
I just purchased another Benedetto guitar from Howard Paul. This is the original Pat Martino prototype. WOW.
Playing at my sis's wedding.
My photo at Jazz'd
With fellow Miami alum, Wil Lee from the David Letterman  Show.
A private party at Porsche of Hilton Head to celebrate the launch of the sixth generation Porsche 911. What fun!
Playing a Zon bass at a local benefit.
This is the stained glass window I built for The Jazz Showcase in Chicago. The Jazz Showcase dates back to 1947 and remains a favorite destination of mine.
With Tom Dowd at Fogerty's in New York
With Hui Cox in New York City. We had just finished our gig for a private function.
On a trip to the Keys - a stop at Anne's Beach. What a hoot!
Admiring my nearly finished Benedetto Bravo Deluxe model guitar at their workshop in Savannah.
This photo is of the Savannah jazz community. What an honor to be invited to join the party!