Anne Allman


Anne utilizes a creative way to bring the full impact of a musical ensemble to the stage, while being the only one there. She has gone into the recording studio and, with others, has created the tracks to over 500 songs to date. The finished result on stage sounds like a full ensemble, but it is really Anne performing with the recorded tracks. 

Close your eyes and you’ll be amazed. Her repertoire is exciting and varied. From Santana to Miles Davis to Count Basie to The Beatles, she has plenty of musical content for every social situation. She performs regularly at banquets, private parties, supper clubs and restaurants, music clubs, galleries and art fairs, church functions and, well, you get the idea.  Her professional presentation is always well-received.  In 2011, she released her CD of jazz and standards…with a hint of rock and blues for good measure!

Whether you need music for dancing, dining or listening, Anne’s goal is to always give the host a great performance at a fair price.

Copyright 2011   Anne Allman